Initial consultation phase

Right from the start, we make sure to consider all your special requirements. We will attentively consider your input and use this information to develop a project plan and quote. We then go over project details, provide a rough timeline, and explain the next steps, alternative options, and additional requirements.

Project planning phase

After finalizing your requirements, we will create a detailed timeline and project plan that covers key milestones and dates. We’ll walk you through each piece of the plan and provide thoughtful feedback and suggestions as well. We take great pride in our customer service and our attention to detail, so we will not move forward until you’re satisfied with our proposed plan.

**All projects require a deposit upfront and full payment upon completion.

Design and construction phase

During this phase, we’ll draft an innovative and personalized design for your specific project. We can provide both softscape and hardscape drawings and diagrams (depending on the specific requirements of the job) and show you the plans before continuing with the build. Once you give us the go ahead, we’ll proceed with construction and begin working on your landscape, stonework project, structure, living space, or garden.

Project completion phase

After your landscape project has been completed, we will thoroughly inspect our work to ensure we have met all your requirements and achieved each of the agreed upon milestones. We will then assess and touch up the landscape or construction project (as needed) and provide with you with tips and suggestions on how to maintain your new work of art.

**All projects require a deposit upfront and full payment upon completion.

Post-project maintenance and support phase

After our work is completed, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support to not only keep everything looking good, but to also ensure your landscape or construction project is cared for and is long lasting. We provide landscape, lawn, and garden maintenance, mulching, and planting services. We’re also happy to provide you with helpful tips and advice to help you maintain your property and landscape when we aren’t around.